Skip Houston and drive to Galveston

Teddy Beach GalvestonAfter being to Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, Teddy decided it’s time for something more relaxed than a big city. As Teddy heard of Galveston it was immediately decided to skip Houston, another big city, and spend some time at an island at the Gulf of Mexico: Galveston. You’ve never heard of it? Well it’s a place where the people of Houston go on vacation. Once it also served as capital city of the Republic of Texas, but that was a long time ago and due to a hurricane around 1900 most infrastructures got destroyed.

Waffles Chicken

What can you do in Galveston? Well there are lots of bars downtown where you can meet nice folks and get fairly cheap beer. You can also spend some time at the beach and go for a swim (or surf, if you are able to).

Or you can go to the Brick House Tavern & Tap and enjoy some crazy food combinations such as chicken and waffles. It is a lovely restaurant located at 3502a Seawall Blvd with a great fireplace outside where you can relax at night.