Find the Big Flag at the Indiana World War Memorial

Flag at War Memorial IndianapolisTeddy’s first stop on his USA Roadtrip is Indianapolis, IN. The city is structured like Washington DC: at the center you’ll find the Monument Circle, the very heart of the city where you can enjoy all the lovely shops and cafes. From there onwards the streets are leaving numbered towards the edges of Indianapolis.

We highly recommend visiting Indianas War Memorial at the War Memorial Plaza which Teddy found some 5 minutes from the Monument Circle. It is a chronological museum, dedicated to American veterans, that portrays America’s war history from the Revolutionary War until today. The Museum’s collection includes weapons, uniforms, vehicles such as helicopters or a battleship and a lot more. On the upper level there’s the big Shrine Room with a huge Flag of the United States hanging in the center of the room. Probably the biggest flag Teddy has ever seen.

 Teddy at War Memorial