Indianapolis Motor Speedway

While in Indianapolis, Teddy couldn’t wait to see the world famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway, located in a part of town with the same name – Speedway! The famous course which hosts the world-known “Indy 500” race, exists for more than 100 years. The racetrack used to be made out of brick stones, which of course by now got replaced by a modern racetrack. But there is still a reminder of what the track used to be: the start-finish line is made of the original brick stones!

Teddy at Race Car

At the Hall of Fame Museum you’ll get a tour d’horizon of the Speedway’s history and the history of car racing in general. Besides a movie of the racetrack and real trophies you’ll see real racecars from the “ancient” times up to modern models! Teddy particularly liked the modern versions.

Hint: If you get there in summer (or if the conditions are fine and the track is free of snow), you can get a real tour by car around the racetrack!