The Limski… what?

When you are in Porec you’ll find many boats that are offering you a day-trip to the “Limsky kanal”, the Lim Valley or more accurately the Lim Channel. In case you’re wondering what that is and if it’s worth a visit read on. Teddy has scouted it all for you and even though it might be considered a “tourist-trap” strongly recommends a visit there. The Lim Channel is something like a Scandinavian fjord (with pretty different temperatures!). From the Lim Bay you have a 35 kilometers long valley which can be discovered by ship.

 Limski PanoramaBut what can you do there? Besides the awesome natural surroundings of rocks and woods you’ll get probably the best fish and seafood dishes you’ll ever eat. Since the water from the river is mixing up with seawater it creates perfect surroundings not only for fish, but also for oysters and mussels. Teddy checked in at “Viking Restaurant” and had the most delicious dishes he ever tried.

Teddy at Viking