Relax at Laguna Poreč

Teddy’s most important hint for a perfect relax stay in Poreč: Try to book your hotel room at one of the hotels of the Laguna Resort. The hotels are not directly located in the city center, but only a 5 minutes car drive away. You won’t be disappointed – Teddy promises. One of the hotels, Hotel Laguna Parentium, has 2 big pools, a pool bar, beautiful direct accessibility to the ocean, good cocktails, 2 restaurants, what do you want more?

Teddy at Parentium Hotel

In close vicinity to the Hotel you can also eat great seafood or just drink coffee at the restaurant “Vila Romana”. Starting from there you should also take a boat ride to the city center Poreč at sunset – an optimal chance to take pictures.

Teddy on Boat

The other hotel, a 5 minutes walk away from Hotel Parentium, is the Hotel Molindrio. In front of this hotel you’ll have the chance to successfully train your waterskiing skills: There they have a water-ski-lift where you can try again and again and again to improve your balance and your jumps. But be aware: If you don’t like to spend your holiday close to masses of Austrian or German tourists, stay away from the hotels!