Poreč is located on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula and is set around a harbor. If you’ve never been to Poreč, here are some -Must Do’s- from Teddy:
Poreč at night

1) Euphrasian Basilica: If you stay in Poreč and you won’t just relax at the beach you should definitely visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2) Walk through the old town Poreč: which basically means to take a walk through the historical center of Poreč, where you will pass not only the Euphrasian Basilica and romantic streets but also sights like the Northern Tower. But Teddy has to warn you, the city is also one of the most visited tourist destinations in Croatia – so in summer season – you won’t be able to walk through the streets alone.

3) Eat Ice cream: It is not really about the ice cream per se, but if you want some entertainment, buy yourself a scoop of ice cream and be surprised. Ice sellers prepare big ice cream towers, while showing their entertainment talent.

4) Go to the harbour and let yourself be impressed by all the beautiful, expensive and huge yachts, boats and catamarans. You can also buy all the unnecessary tourist souvenirs at all the market stalls, located in the port area and drink good cocktails at Epoca, a good coffee, food & cocktail bar.

Teddy at Ship