Teddy in Big D – Dallas

JFK MemorialAfter an awesome drive from Missouri through Oklahoma, where the seasons changed from winter to late spring within a day, Teddy finally arrived in Dallas, Texas. Teddy was really excited to be in the historic town, where one of the United States’ worst tragedies happened: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. If you arrive by car, the closest parking spot to the city center is the one at the Dallas World Aquarium. It’s cheap, easy to find and you can walk to the center, where you can find the JFK Memorial.

Assasination spotRight next to that, within the Old Red Courthouse (can’t miss that!) you’ll find the tourist information where you can get a map and other useful information. Close to Elm Street you cannot only find the Sixth Floor Museum which deals with the JFK assassination, but also the spot where it happened (dealey plaza) which is still marked with a huge X on the street.

Dallas is a huge city with some museums and architecture to offer, but if you’re only visiting for a day, the JFK history sights will be the places to be.