Live Music Capital Austin – Different in many Ways

Teddy and BeerTeddy’s’ time in Austin was an awesome mix of new experiences. It started off with great Mexican food and ended with awesome live music. But first things first:


Austin is the capital of the State of Texas. It is famous for its huge companies (several huge corporations are seated in Austin) and the nightlife which is filled with live-music in almost every bar. Every day. The city uses the slogan “Live music capital of the Worldto promote its variety of live music. Teddy managed to experience this and after some bars with live music, Teddy ended up in the Friends Bar and listened to a band called SwampSauce. Teddy was blasted by their music and enjoyed every single second there.

Swamp Sauce at Friends

Besides Music, you can already get great mexican-style food in Austin. Teddy strongly recommends, visiting the Austin Ale House. It’s a great place to eat, drink and enjoy – day and night. During the morning you can enjoy awesome brunch, in the evenings you can get loads of music and you might even see a cowboy who parked his horse outside the bar.Guitars

DSC04243Ale House Brunch