Mc Gee’s – a legen… wait for it …dary HIMYM experience

Even though Globetrotter Teddy didn’t recognise the famous Mc Laren’s Pub at first sight, he was instantly feeling the HIMYM vibe while looking at some series pictures and little hints in the bar. At Mc Gee’s, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas had the idea for the TV series, which came to an end this week. Teddy was a bit shocked actually, that there won’t be a new episode of HIMYM, but if you miss it as well, just go to 233 West, 55th Street on Manhattan. Don’t worry, only true HIMYM fans want to find the secret place where it all started, that’s why the pub is not crowded by dozens of tourists.

Besides the “How I met your Mother” experience, it’s a great Irish Pub to chill where you can have it all – great drinks, music and food.

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Outside Mc Gee'sAt McGee's