DC’s Newseum

Even if you don’t like museums you’ll definitely like this one. DC’s Newseum is spectacular.  It is 7-story high with permanent and special exhibits. It is recommended to start from the top floor. One of the greatest exhibitions is the 9/11 gallery. It shows you front pages from around the world and journalist’s personal experiences […]

Amazing View: Empire State Building

Not only is the Empire State Building 103-story high but it is also the 23rd tallest building in the world! But Teddy doesn’t want to bother you with tourist facts. Globetrotter Teddy avoided long, annoying, never-ending tourist lines and enormous crowds by going to the top in the evening. Teddy was then totally impressed by […]

New York, New York

In October 2013 Teddy traveled to New York City, United States. Teddy lived there for two months and saw a lot of things. He enjoyed the magnificient view from the Empire State Building and saw how New Yorkers enjoyed their free time in the green oasis, Central Park. Teddy even went across the Hudson River […]