The National Mall in Washington DC

Luther King Jr. MemorialIt is quite easy to walk around DC without losing orientation because you have “The National Mall”. That is the huge between the US Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial, which is surrounded by hundreds of other Memorials such as the Korean War Memorial or the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. You can also find a lot of museums around the National Mall but Teddy rather enjoyed the beautiful weather and stayed outside.

The two most impressive things for Globetrotter Teddy were the US Capitol and the Library of Congress. You’ll quickly recognize those places from all the movies you may have watched and it just blows your mind when you see them for real for the first time.Library of Congress

Washington DC might not be a huge city,
so don’t expect the kind of busy lifestyle as you may find it in NYC. It is much more laid back and actually relaxing for a weekend, because you walk around those memorials, enjoy nature and the beautiful surroundings, while breathing in a lot of history.

DC Capitol