First Time at the White House

Teddy in DC - White HouseFor the first time, Teddy went to DC and of course the first stop was at the White House. While it was actually a bit disappointing to see it only from far far away, Teddy quickly figured out how to get a better view of the fairly small presidential residence:

Just go ‘round to the back!

White House
You can be a lot closer and take better pictures. On the front, only the squirrels can get close enough to take a glimpse at the Oval Office. The back-side is also quite close to the Farragut-North station on the Red-Line.

A hint for DCs metro system: each ride has a
different price, depending on how far and which time during the day you are going. While it makes sense to buy unlimited tickets for a longer stay, it is highly recommended to get a prepaid ticket with about 10$ if you’re staying only a weekend.