The Old Key Lime House

During Teddy’s West Palm Beach stay, he hasn’t visited the Old Key Lime House once, no, he stopped there several times in a row within 3 days. That’s why he decided that The Old Key Lime House deserves a post on its own. It is located in Lantana, a town in Palm Beach County, Florida.The Old Key Lime House

The Old Key Lime House is a waterfront restaurant where you can drink great cocktails, eat seafood, enjoy the breathtaking waterfront view and listen to live music. You can’t really miss it because it’s fully coloured neon green. If you only want to have a snack there, you should definitely try the nacho chips with spinach dip – just delicious. Especially in the evening the atmosphere is getting more beautiful and romantic because of some fireplaces and seating opportunities near to the sea. Added to this, the cocktails and food are not overpriced (in comparison to the rest of West Palm Beach).

Overall you’ll feel relaxed when you arrive there. And if you’re bored you could also give the ring on the rope play a try or when you’re in a group, you could also rent the so called Tiki boat and party on.

Waterfront view