West Palm Beach – protected home of the rich and famous

It is very hard not getting envious when you’re on vacation in Palm Beach. You’ll see so many villas, rich people, nice cars and fancy restaurants while you’re around. Nonetheless it is one of the greatest vacation spots Teddy has ever seen.

Teddy Palme

Besides the public beaches, which are usually protected and clean, you can do a lot of shopping in Palm Beach. There is the City Place, which is a nice outdoor mall decorated with palm trees, where you’ll also find bars, restaurants a cinema and other leisure activities. Also, Palm Beach has a great location on the map. From there you can do daytrips as far as down to Key West or up to Orlando. You’ll also find some affordable hotels which are nice as well (because almost everything is nice in Palm Beach). All that has one downside: you’ll need a car to get around… but Teddy has seen worse ;)!

City Place